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Brad Taylor

Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2010
Mr. Regiment 2010


Brad Taylor was born and raised in Seattle, Washington in 1974 before heading to San Francisco in the late 90's where he pursued his love of wrestling and joined "Golden Gate Wrestling." In 2002, he won the Gold Medal in the Heavyweight Division at the "Gay Games" in Sydney, Australia. However, upon meeting Master Kevin, he moved to Los Angeles and has been collared for almost 10 years.

Brad is currently enrolled in community college while working as a tour guide for Warner Brothers Studios.  He has been involved in the leather and bear community since 1997, and has held the titles of "Bay Area Cub 2002" and "So Cal Cub 2004" (both title vests are now part of the Leather Archives), as well as competing at "International Bear Rendezvous 2002." His leather journey continued as he worked at "Gauntlet II," which then became "Eagle L.A.".

Brad was honored to be named Mr. Los Angeles Leather in March of 2010, and went on to compete at the 2010 International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago, IL, where he placed in the top twenty of the 2010 competitors. In 2012 he was elected Vice President of the LABB, a position he is currently  holding.

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