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  • 665 Leather: 665 Leather is one of the premier leather retailers in the Los Angeles area, based out of West Hollywood, CA.​

  • JayPG Photography: Jay is one of Los Angeles' definitive fetish photographers. He is the official photographer for the Mr. Los Angeles Leather Contest, and for the LA Band of Brothers.

  • Leatherati: Leatherati is a resource for all events Leather, BDSM, Kink, and Fetish-oriented, with access to up-to-date information about national and international events, based out of Los Angeles, CA.

  • The Leather Journal: The Leather Journal is the longest continuously running Leather/BDSM publication in the United States, based out of Los Angeles, CA

  • Oxballs: Oxballs is a producer of silicone toys and accessories, based out of Silverlake, CA.​​

  • Rough Trade Leather: Rough Trade is one of the L.A. area's oldest and most respected leather and gear retailers, based out of Silverlake, CA.

  • The Stockroom: Located in Silverlake, CA, The Stockroom/Syren is a primarily rubber-oriented clothing and fetish retailer.

  • ​The Tom of Finland Foundation: The Tom of Finland Foundation is an historical organization dedicated to the preservation of the BDSM, Leather, and Fetish artwork of Tom of Finland, as well as the art of more recent artists who speak to the spirit of Tom's vision. The Tom of Finland House is located in Los Angeles, CA.​

  • Instigator Magazine: Instigator Magazine is an international BDSM/Fetish magazine based out of Los Angeles, CA.

  • The Fight Magazine:The publication addresses the political, cultural and social changes within the LGBTQ community and focuses on hot button issues. 

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