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Mr. Ashram West Leather 2010

Chewy was born on 4th July 1972 and grew up in Alexandria, Louisiana. He was raised in a Cajun, right-wing way of life. At an early age Chewy knew he was different from his kinfolk. But no matter how different he was, or how hard his life was, his Grandmother was always there to love him. Chewy's Grandmother died in 1991.

Chewy moved to Houston, Texas in 1992, and that is where he was first collared and owned. Sadly, Chewy took the dark path of addiction. Chewy moved on to San Francisco in 1996 and found the leather lifestyle he wanted. He was taught the art of Boot Blacking by "Driller," and was an apprentice until opening his own Boot Black stand at the Power House. After 11 years Chewy found himself homeless, friendless and hopeless due to addiction.

Chewy has always been a fighter, and has just celebrated 10 years of addiction FREE living. Chewy has turned his life around, and is a respected member of the leather community. Chewy has worked with non-profit organization in San Francisco and San Jose for years.

Master RED found Chewy in 2007. Master RED collared chewy in July 2008 and Master RED moved Chewy from San Jose to Long Beach October 2008. In July 2009 Master RED and Chewy opened "RED Chewy's Boot Black" and Chewy is now the resident Boot Black at Pistons Bar in Long Beach, CA.

Mamas Chewy (
Runner up Mr.Pistons Leather 2010

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