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Don Mike

Mr. Sister Leather 2010

President LA Band of Brothers 2012-13

Pup Don was elected to the LABB Board as Communications Officer on July 13, 2011 and is currently serving as President.

Don Mike first got involved in the LA Leather community around 2001. Mostly known as Pup Don in leather circles, he has been a past member of the now defunct LA Pups, and a current member of Avatar LA and the LA boys of Leather, of which he was a founding member and has served two terms as President. Don's involvement in the community has been one of service and he is looking forward to using his title of Mr. Sister Leather 2010 to proudly represent the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to the leather community and to raise awareness of the importance of mentorship in our community and the need to bridge the gap between the Old Guard, the New Guard and, to borrow a phrase from Sister Erotica, the Avant Guard.

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