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Marcus J. Hopkins

Mr. Pistons Leather 2010

Marcus currently resides in Santa Clarita, CA, with his partner, J.R. (Mr. Sanctuary Leather 2008) and their pets, Topanga and Gremlin Reaper. He maintains an apartment in Long Beach, CA, with his best-friend of ten years. He is currently pursuing a degree in Health Communication and continuing his career in HIV/AIDS Advocacy. He is delighted to be granted such an amazing opportunity to interact with and contribute to his new found community, and is looking forward to spending his title year getting to know and love his new surroundings, family, and friends.

Marcus was elected to serve as the Communication Officer for the Los Angeles Band of Brothers in July of 2010, and was later appointed as the Events Committee Chairman shortly thereafter. Along with the other members of the Events and YARD Committee, Marcus was in charge of producing and promoting LABB-sponsored events.

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