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Alex Shepard

Ashram Leather 2011

Alejandro Shepard was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and at age 4 his family moved to Norwalk Connecticut, after living 8 years in the US he obtained his residence, and moved back to Mexico City where he grew up as a teenager.

He started College with Graphic Design and Dramatic Art, and all his school years he took English and Spanish, so he can speak and translate both languages.

After 15 years of acting in Mexico City, he started a company of his own as a Certified Balloon Artist affiliated to Pioneer Balloon Co., the largest manufacturer of Latex, and foil balloons in the world.

With his creativity and the same ability as his father to sell anything in his hands… he first offered his services as an interpreter, and then as a teacher/decorator and won “Designer of the Year in 1996” at the International convention. The company immediately took him under his wings and flew him around the world to more than 50 different countries, for 15 years (including Brazil, were he then learned Portugues).  He translated the first Design manual book and 3 videos that the company offered to obtain a professional certification for the balloon industry.

After 10 years of working in Mexico City for his own company, Pioneer offered him to be sales manager for the Mexican Republic, but asked  him to moved to the city of Puebla, Mexico. In his fifth year of living in Puebla (in one of his trips to Los Angeles), he escaped to Palm Springs for the weekend, and met the man of his life, where he then decided to leave everything behind and move to Los Angeles.

For “Alejandro Shepard” there are no barriers, 2 years ago he was diagnosed with early stages of Parkinson. To prove that nothing will stop him, he has worked extremely hard to be and look his best. No illness can put him down, he obtained his first goal as, Ashram West Leather 2011, he would like to share and demonstrate to everyone that anything is possible. You look the way you want to look physically, mentally and now spiritually! Dreams do come true, so be careful what you wish for…

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