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Hans Kesser

Oil Can Harry’s Mister Leather 2011


Hans Kesser born and grew up in Bogota Colombia, this blue eyed Colombian immigrate to the country of the opportunities 20 years ago, always with a new dream in how to be part of the gay community In February the 20th 2011, I was honored to run for and win the title of Mr Oil Can Harry's this was an amazing experience from start to finish, there are so many people to thank for their hard work producing this contest, as well as helping me get ready for it.

There are a lot of people I need to thank for making this possible. From my partner Keith, Bob Tomasino OCH owner and his partner John Fanagan, to the production staff and judges. Without the hard work that each of you and the effort you put in, there would be no contest.

I need to thank all my friends who really encouraged me to do this and for their support!

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