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Leo Iriarte

Mr. Regiment 2011

Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2011

Leonardo Iriarte was born in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico, his childhood was developed in the middle of a family of artists and Bohemians who though him how to express his passion for arts.

Leo, as it is called by affection for his friends, moved to Los Angeles California in 2001, after living in Cancun, Mexico City, Acapulco and Madrid.  In  Los Angeles,  Leo worked his way as a great flower designer for people of the most high social standards to demonstrate his artistic skills and creativity.

At the edge of 17, Leo started his journey of activism participating with Children International Organization,  providing assistance in education and basic care to children around the world.

It was in the year of 2010 when Leo decides to compete for a Leather Title just   to be part of the fight for equal rights for the LGBT nation, to support social change, to join forces again HIV-SiDA, and moreover, to give back to the  community that help him to make important changes on his persona,   after entering several feeder  competitions,  he was elected as Mr. Leatherman of the Regiment of the Black and Tans 2011. Also in the year 2010 Leo began attending public events in  make up clown as a way of enlivening the crowd. He notice that he drew attention that inspired others to join in his cause. Six months later, a group of friends met to formalize The Payasos - LA,  a nonprofit organization, a volunteer-based group comprised of gay latinos who are dedicated to improve  the lives of children and to speak in behalf of those with out a voice.

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