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Dave Faunce

Mr. Bullet Leather 2012

Dave was born in Los Angeles. This created a kindred spirit and unique connection to the City of Angeles. His first leather experience happened in1990 at the Gauntlet Bar in LA where he was exposed to the hardcore Old Guard. That experience was the beginning of his raunchy leatherman journey towards becoming a kinky Angelino himself. Dave states, “This city has a strong and vibrant leather community with so much history, and I’m proud to be part of it.”

Dave was Mr. Bullet Leather 2012 and utilized his title for fundraising and charity work for his fellow brothers and community as well as just to party and have fun. Dave brought and continues to bring the raw and nasty elements back into the LA scene and events.

He was inducted into the LABB in 2012 and stated, “ I am one lucky man to be assimilated into a brotherhood of great men. “

Dave is also a member of the oldest and longest running gay organization in the world, The Satyrs Motorcycle Club. “ Riding a Harley Davidson and being a gay biker in California is a dream come true; being in the Satyrs M/C is like having the family you always dreamed of. “

Dave is a rock with sophistication and class. Beverly Hills is where Dave has been a stylist since 2004 creating styles from the classic look to the avant-guard. “ This city has been good to me, I found love, family, career and community. I feel my journey has just begun.“

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