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Mr. Oil Can Harry's 2012

​Paul A. Brown, a.k.a. "Tigger", was born and raised smack-dab-in-the-middle of the 'Bible Belt' of Kentucky! He was the first male cheerleader, the first male flute player (no pun intended), the first male rifle squad captain, first male dancer and one of the first gay males (period) to make it out of his high school without being thrown into a trash bin or locked up inside his locker!
He learned early on how to live a double life while growing up in the Midwest, hiding his sexual urges and kinks from the world until he was old enough to move away to Chicago. There, he not only found his true sexual identity, the gay two-steppin' country crowd at "Charlie's", and his musical theatre queens at "Sidetracks", but also his kinky side at "Man Hole" and "Ramm".
He then moved to NYC, where he found himself performing in Broadway shows and tours, as well as finding his 'seedier' side at places like "Hell" and the "Roseland Ballroom", home of the infamous Black Parties. Bouncing back and forth between his 'two selves' had become quite a regular thing at this point, and during a tour of "CATS", where he was found in the backroom of a local leather bar by his cast-mates surrounded by many men, he earned his nickname of "Tigger", due to not only playing the orange cat in the show, but showing how he loved to 'bounce' from one to another in those backrooms!
Moving to LA in the year 2003, by early 2004 he decided to step into the light and became 1st runner up for Mr. Bullet Leather. He spent the next two years deeply in love with a wonderful leather man who taught him even more about the his own kinks and desires, as well as the community at large, than he ever imagined.
After losing his partner to a heart attack in 2006, and taking the next few years to recover from the shock, he dove back into his work and began producing and choreographing. He began doing volunteer work for The Tom Of Finland Foundation in order to quietly find his way back into the leather community and eventually found his way back into the local bar and leather scene.
By early 2012, he AGAIN became 1st runner up for Mr. Bullet Leather but was urged by friends in the community to stay with it and try another contest. That's when he re-discovered Oil Can Harry's and was embraced by the two-steppin' community once again, becoming Oil Can Harry's Mr. Leather 2012.
Although his busy personal and work schedule kept him away from the community more than he would have preferred during his title year, he would like to thank the LA Leather community, LA Band of Brothers, Bob Tomasino and everyone at Oil Can Harry's who helped him reclaim his own 'leatherman' self. His career in the performing arts may take him away from LA, but he will always continue to support the LA leather community, as well as help promote and preserve the leather community in whatever city he may currently find himself 'bouncing'... "WooHooHooHooooooo"!

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