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Bill Robertroy

Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2013

Born and raised in the Detroit area Bill moved to Southern California where after a few years he met his husband in San Diego at a bathhouse in 2001. It was not long before Bill was geared up and taken to his first leather bar (Wolfs); this was where his love for leather began and his first harness was earned. As a couple they explored leather bars across the country on vacations and business trips becoming more active in the leather lifestyle. Eventually moving to Los Angeles, Bill became increasingly unhappy, overweight and lost his connection to the leather community. In early 2009 while observing friends on Facebook posting exciting things they were doing, he decided to make serious lifestyle changes and start living life to the fullest. Moving to the Ventura area to be closer to work, Bill started working out and eating healthy leading to a weight loss of over eighty pounds. During this time period, Bill also discovered a social group called Bears Ventura which he currently is serving his third term as Vice President which has helped him reconnect to the gay social scene.

On New Year’s 2010 with new found confidence both Bill’s headed out to Eagle LA for the first time to celebrate and were quickly hit on by a hot man in leather gear. This incident helped Bill to reconnect with his inner Leatherman and join the leather world. Realizing that the Eagle LA was filled with a lot of inclusive non-judgmental men, it became his favorite night spot. While visiting Palm Springs on Leather Pride weekend; Bill was fascinated by a group of title holders and set his sights to one day have the courage to participate in a title contest. For Bill the choice for whom he would want to represent was clear, Eagle LA. In January 2013 be reached his goal of not only participating in a contest but won and is looking forward to his participation in Los Angeles Mr. Leather 2013. Throughout this, Bill has evolved to become the Leatherman he is today. What he has discovered about himself is that his drive to become more active in the leather community, to take a more active role in the mentoring process within the Leather community and to overcome the fear of uncertainty by stepping up to and facing the challenges that life holds ahead.

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