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Carl Dove

Mr. LA Leather Bear 2013

Carl Dove is originally from Boston but has called LA his home for 12 years. An admirer of the Leather community for years he became more engaged in 2011. It suddenly became more to him then just cruising in European dark rooms. He realized no matter where he was there is a language that connected all these hot leather men. He wanted to learn that language and make these men submit to it. He is enjoying holding the leather bear title in a time when bears are looking to explore their wild side. He hopes to show more bears that spark of leather love that he has found. One by One if he must. As a member of NBC’s Out program which created a community of entertainment professionals for networking and charitable causes. He has donated his time and thousands of dollars in fundraising efforts to the organizations of the Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing and Project Angel Food. One of his passions working with the GLEH is participation in activities that keep our elders having a good time and teaching him a few things in the process. He is currently working on events
focused on oral history. Pun intended.

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