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Chris Romberg

Mr. Bullet Leather 2013

Chris is proud to represent the Bullet Bar as Mr. Bullet Leather
2013, and is also the current host of the Bullet’s long-­‐running (5 years and counting!) Cigar Bar. He is a Los Angeles native – but thinks he was Polynesian in a former life, which may partially explain his love of masks and the Tiki Bar in his living room. His unrealized dream is to open a Leather Tiki Bar!

Chris' greatest dilemma in life is deciding whether Ann B. Davis or Agnes Moorhead is God. Chris bought his first motorcycle (a Honda Shadow) as a 40th birthday present to himself and loved it for 5 years – until he sold it to a friend in need. Chris can’t wait to get his next bike because he feels there is almost a spiritual charge, not to mention the sexual one, one can get from riding in full leather on two wheels. Though Chris may give off the vibe of a lone wolf, he feels more like a fun-­‐ loving Alpha pup. He will bark if you play with his dog tits and is always happy to chase a ball or two. Tequila is
his favorite adult beverage – proof he's a 30-­‐year old college delinquent trapped in a 50-­‐year old body. Chris thinks that being 50 is far-­‐out and can only hope the next 50 years are as great as the first 50. Chris loves to sing Karaoke – anything pre-­‐1980 will do. He is a vinyl junkie and likes to play golf because he gets to be outdoors and wear his black leather gloves all day. Chris is honored to be part of the LA Leather 2013 Class and intends to use his year as Mr. Bullet to demonstrate his love of leather by action – whenever and wherever!

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