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Kieron Ryan

Mr. CSW Leather 2013

Kieron Ryan has been in the leather community for a short amount of time. His very first experience was IML 2010 as a curious and intrigued boy looking to explore his interests in leather. He got way more then he had ever expected. From IML he learned he had many new and exciting fetishes, no other more surprising to himself than being a puppy.
Becoming apart of the community was an added bonus for Kieron. By working with such organizations as The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, WeHo cheer and GPAF bringing new
men into the bars, supporting those when in need, and keeping the excitement up around fetish and kink, he sees that he has come so far from that innocent boy filled with doubt, shame, and curiosity. He has grown so much in becoming the Leatherman he is today. Moving forward, Kieron hopes to inspire others to be comfortable in their skin and grow into the fetishes they enjoy, whatever that may be. The road is long and hard with many peaks and valleys. Without breaking down you cannot build taller and stronger. Without looking back you cannot move forward. Kieron’s learning form the past, to make our future as bright as he can.

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