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Derrick Paul

Mr. Sanctuary Leather 2014

Derrick was born in Mountainview, CA. and grew up between San Jose and Sacramento. He was an avid Speed Skater and eventually got sponsored by Hyper Skating wheels.


Derrick was born in Mountainview, CA. and grew up between San Jose and Sacramento. He was an avid Speed Skater and eventually got sponsored by Hyper Skating wheels. He then saw that inline speed skating could go only so far, and he had Olympic sized dreams. He moved to Salt Lake City Utah, and sought the training of Stan Kolosky of the Utah Speed Skating Academy where he placed 2nd place over all, that was enough to get him a spot for a US speed skating team try out, where he lost cotrol into the boards (wall) and ending his tryout. He then decided to join the Marines and see the world, but ironically enough got station at Camp Pendleton, ca right down the state from his home town and birth place. So he went back to pursuing his sports dreams and soon found a sponsorship with the Marines for Paintball and B.M.X. racing. He was one of the main components to getting the Marines they’re first and only Professional paintball team composed of ONLY Marines active or otherwise, and this is when They found out that he raced B.M.X. and was currently 25th in the nation for his age bracket. They offered the sponsoreship, he raced exactly 5 races as a professional, before it happened.


After a rather disheartening seperation from the Marines due to DADT. He traveled a couple continents for a while, chased winter for a few years, then chased summer for a few more. He found himself back in Sacramento, started working for Faces gay night club as one of the security heads and started volunteering for the Sacramento LGBT center and the Sacrmento Royal court. He even was Ru Pauls concierge’ when she performed for Sacramento Pride. Around 2007 he lusted for a change of scenery, he moved back to SO CAL ( North park SD, to be exact. three blocks from the Eagle he discovered) and started visiting Eagle SD allot, he then met several of the members of Avatar LA, various title holders and more. He started volunteering for several organizations at the same time, and had a blast he deeply started to understand what it meant to be apart of a family of like minded individuals with out fear of being looked at as odd. But thats when he along with two others saw a great separation in the leather community namely the pup comunity. We saw that femlae pups where not allowed to join in SF K-9 unit activities and we thought that wrong, So we started the San Diego Puppy Patrol to give our female counter parts a place to feel welcomed and loved too, and in 5 years since its start the SDPP has risen to … many members not just in San diego, but we have pups from all over the nation and further joining our group. In the summer of 2010 He moved up the road to LA, being as 90% of his work at the time was here, and like it or hate it.. LA is just the place to be.


He has performed for, Club Inferno/, Vivid entertainment, Ch 1., Helix studios, suite 703 and more. Currently he puts on demonstration classes and volunteers his time at IML, DOMCON, Folsom street fair and Doere’ alley. He is a regular Kink and fetish performer for Perish Dingam’s studio 69 events, he regularly volunteers at Mr. S leather and for JTStockroom as both a sales assoc. and as a BDSM educator during large events, He has also volunteered for the Sisters of perpetually indulgence, The Eagle LA, Avatar LA, Sanctuary LAX, Pride SF and LA, and anywhere they will let him pull out a flogger a flame or a vac bed. A few of the classes he speacializes in are Latex care and repair, pup play 101, fire saftey, negotiations and consent, Military style D/s play and watersports. He proud to represent both His dungeon and His leather family the House of DeSade. He’s extremely honored to be welcomed into the LABB and wish all his fellow Brothers luck in the upcoming Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014 contest.

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