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Eric Paul Leue

Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2014

Eric was born and raised in the countryside of East-Berlin, 1986.. He first visited LA in January 2010 and became a permanent resident in 2013. He is the LA based Account Executive for a SF software company.


He acquired his sommelier certification and managed/owned a restaurant in Berlin for four years from ’04-’08. In ’08 he moved to London where he held executive positions in two luxury hotels. After four years in London, he opened a web-marketing consultancy in Berlin before ‘moving home to LA’.


He has continuously supported Aids Charities wherever he was local. Besides making himself available for Sex Education classes, demoing fetish practices and how to explore them safely, he represented Leather for Safer Sex Campaigns, and has been on HIV/Aids help hotlines for many years.Family is very important to Eric; it reflects in how he interacts with his community. He has been part of the leather community since 10 years, first in Berlin, then London, and since 2010 in LA. His home as a Leatherman is at the Eagle LA, where he first learned that ‘rooms that are dark’ are not the same as European ‘Darkrooms’. As a man that started to learn about leather very early, he has great respect for the multitude of generations that belong to our community and is keen to support new members.


Eric is proud to represent his home the Eagle LA, his family there and his fellow contestants, as Eagle LA Mr Leather 2014. Feel free to reach out to him.

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