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Nicholas Oliver

Mr. Christopher Street West Leather 2014

Nicholas Oliver was born July 26th, 1982 on Long Beach Naval Hospital. He spent the early part of his life moving from Naval Base to Naval Base, finally landing in the small California farm town of Fillmore. Living in a small town was not for him, however, so the first chance he got, he moved to LA.


At the age of 22 he met his husband, Jeremy Ronceros (MR. OCH Leather 2013). They just recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary. They discovered their love of leather together, early on in their relationship. But they were unsure how they would fit in the leather community. Almost a decade later, they are proud to be a part of such an amazing and diverse community and enjoy the brotherhood that they have been so fortunate to be a part of.


Nicholas Oliver is Mr. Christopher Street West 2014 and a founding member of FMLA, FetishMen Los Angeles.

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